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Published on:  2018-03-07 13:58:00


With its cultural heritage and beautiful landscape, a visit to Tivoli, the ancient "Tibur Superbum", as Virgil called it, is a must for those who decide to discover Lazio or who just want to spend a few days in Rome. Tivoli, which boasts being more ancient than Rome (1215 BC), is located on the slopes of the Tiburtini Mountains. Due to its geographical position, near the large waterfall on the Aniene River, the city has enjoyed a favourable position since ancient times, from both the climatic and strategic point of view, controlling all the traffic to and from Abruzzo. The abundance of water also resulted in the construction of major structure over the centuries. The splendid landscape, like a balcony overlooking the Roman Campagna, has made it attractive throughout history. Thanks to the Villas, which are a UNESCO World Heritage site, the spas, the medieval town and the monuments, Tivoli offers a pleasant holiday venue or wonderful stopping place for all travellers

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