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Nippon Club


Published on:  2020-04-29 13:33:00


This is a private social club founded in 1905 by Jokichi Takamine for Japanese Americans and Japanese nationals.The only Japanese traditional gentlemen's club in the United States, the Nippon Club's dual purpose is to help enhance the unity of the Japanese community in New York City and to help develop evolving relationships with the American people. Over the course of its first century, the Nippon Club has fostered ongoing business and cultural relationships through various events, workshops, cultural classes and athletic events. By holding various athletic events and cultural activities, as well as by providing the facilities where these events can occur, The Nippon Club has cemented itself as one of New York City’s oldest cultural institutions and it will continue to serve the community from the center of the world’s most international metropolitan area. When Emperor Showa visited the city in 1975, the Nippon Club joined with the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of New York and the Japanese American Association of New York in hosting a reception for the Imperial visitors at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.Membership has grown to about 3,000 members, including 800 women who are members of the allied Fujin-Bu Club; several hundred of these members are Americans.

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