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Saint Botolph


Published on:  2020-04-29 10:01:00


It was a Church of England parish church in London. Of medieval origin, it was located in the Billingsgate ward of the City of London and destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666. The church, which dated back to medieval times stood on the south side of Thames Street, at the corner of Botolph Lane. It was one of four churches in medieval London dedicated to St Botolph, a 7th-century East Anglian saint, each of which stood by one of the gates of the London Wall. The site of the church and its adjoining churchyard continued to be used for burials, although a house was built on part of the site of the nave and rented out by the parish. In around 1677 a shop was built above a newly constructed burial vault in the churchyard and leased out for the benefit of the poor. In the same year the site of the chancel was sold and the land used to widen the lane between Thames Street and Botolph Wharf. The upper churchyard was also retained as a burial ground for the united parishes. It survives as a privately owned garden at the corner of Monument Street and Botolph Lane, under the name of "One Tree Park".

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