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Saint Benet Gracechurch


Published on:  2020-04-29 13:19:00


So called because a haymarket existed nearby (Cobb), it was a parish church in the City of London. First recorded in the 11th century, it was destroyed in the Great Fire of London of 1666 and rebuilt by the office of Sir Christopher Wren. The church was demolished in 1868. 'St Benet' is short for 'St Benedict' and St Benet Gracechurch was one of four churches in pre-Fire London dedicated to St Benedict of Nursia, the 6th century founder of Western monasticism. Gracechurch meant “Grass Church”, referring to the site of a hay market nearby. The site, at the intersection of Gracechurch and Fenchurch Streets, is now occupied by a seven story office block, built in 1997.

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