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Royal Tank Regiment Memorial


Published on:  2020-04-29 07:25:00


This is a sculpture by Vivien Mallock in Whitehall Court, London. It commemorates the Royal Tank Regiment. The sculptural group depicts the five-man crew of a World War II-era Comet tank at 1½ times life size. General Sir Antony Walker, who was in charge of fundraising for the memorial, described it as "a memorial to the men of the regiment, rather than the machines". The memorial was unveiled by Queen Elizabeth II in 2000. She was escorted to the ceremony by an armoured Rolls Royce from 1924, a precursor to the tank. The date was the centenary of a battle in the Second Boer War in which the tank pioneer Sir Ernest Dunlop Swinton first realised the value of using armoured machines in warfare.

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