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Mondial House


Published on:  2020-04-29 09:49:00


It was a controversially modern-looking building, and a former main telecommunications hub, in central London on the banks of the River Thames. It was known as an international switching centre (ISC). When completed in 1978, it was the largest telephone exchange in Europe. Riverbank House was next door to the east. The architectural style was not unlike the Royal National Theatre. The International Control Centre was officially opened on 3 May 1984. It was only by the mid to late 1980s that the building was fully fitted. By this time, the immense amount of analogue telecommunications equipment being fitted was becoming obsolete. BT closed the site on 31 December 2004. It was demolished in August 2006. Instinet now have a building on the former site. Mondial House on opening could connect around 23 million calls a year, and 200,000 calls an hour on 20,000 international lines.

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