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Mark Lane


Published on:  2020-04-29 13:37:00


It is a street in the City of London linking Great Tower Street and Fenchurch Street. It was once the location of Mark Lane tube station, which was opened in 1884, renamed Tower Hill in 1964, and closed three years later. For some 240 years, Mark Lane was known for the Corn Exchange. It occupied a series of properties on the east side of the southern end of the street. The street plays host to a number of offices and restaurants. In the nineteenth century 'Mark Lane' was a metonym for London's corn and grain markets. The first Corn Exchange opened on Mark Lane in 1747, bringing together the various agents who sold oats, beans and all kinds of grain on behalf of the farmers. After several years' decline in trading the Corn Exchange building on Mark Lane closed in 1987; at the same time the market, and its remaining traders, relocated to the Baltic Exchange in St Mary Axe. The name 'Corn Exchange' is preserved in the name of the building at number 55, Mark Lane.

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