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Gresham Club


Published on:  2020-04-29 13:03:00


It was a gentlemen's club in the City of London founded in 1843 and dissolved in 1991. It was re-established in April 2018. It was named after Thomas Gresham and its last site was located on Abchurch Lane off King William Street. The Club was founded in 1843 as a dining club for the professional classes of the City of London, and named after Thomas Gresham, a celebrated Elizabethan merchant who founded the Royal Exchange. Charles Dickens Junior reported in Dickens's Dictionary of London : Gresham Club is composed of merchants, bankers, and other gentlemen of known respectability. The site of the first club house is now occupied by the main London office of N M Rothschild & Sons. After the Second World War, the gentlemen's clubs of London fell into a decline. By 1991, its membership had fallen and the remaining members decided to dissolve the club.

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