Loquis: Siracusa: 'a casa cu 'n occhio

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Siracusa: 'a casa cu 'n occhio


Published on:  2019-10-04 11:51:00


'a casa cu 'n occhio: this is how it is called in the nineteenth century Bourbon prison; the Syracusans call it this way because of the eye carved on the facade, perhaps the eye of justice that, since the mid-nineteenth century, has seen the succession of revolts that took place under the Bourbons. In those years the city was in a disastrous socio-economic condition and, as is well known, where there is hunger there is anger and where there is anger the step towards crime is short, so the city needed a new prison, there the regime aimed at the recovery of prisoners who mostly had to serve relatively short sentences. The architectural structure, called "panopticon", allowed an immediate overview from any point and therefore an effective control with a smaller number of guards. With the 1991 earthquake, the building was finally cleared. Today this structure is still there, but in total abandonment, waiting for a redevelopment that makes them, it is precisely the case to say, justice, in respect of what is perhaps looking at us from the eye: history.

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