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Taormina Station


Published on:  2019-07-25 00:51:00


The idea of the new railway station was to create a public structure that would respond to the new canons of the artistic concept of Sicilian Art Nouveau prevailing in many cities of the island such as Palermo and Catania. The new station was to give the feeling of internationality, modernism and the ability to fuse the old with the new and for this purpose the task of decorating the interior of the building was entrusted to Salvatore Gregorietti, a famous decorator from Palermo. The station of Taormina -Giardini became his masterpiece. Gregorietti designed the wooden furniture (console, armchairs, sofas, benches), the chandeliers, the colored glass and plumbed like those of the majestic ticket office, and the wrought iron wall lamps, made by local workers of Taormina and Giardini, with silhouettes of dragons and elegant solutions that give each object a sense of uniqueness in design and construction. The bizarre way in which the entrance hall was decorated is impressive and has an immediate effect. Gregorietti completed his work in 1927. The result of his immense work, gave the station of Taormina-Giardini the right recognition to enter the history of railway architecture of the twentieth century.

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