Loquis: Giovanni Crupi and Sicilian artistic photography

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Giovanni Crupi and Sicilian artistic photography


Published on:  2019-07-24 23:35:00


The young German baron Wilhelm von Gloeden throws Taormina into the world, making it appear, thanks to his photographs, as a small mythological town secluded between a cliff and the sea. The baron sends around and manages to publish in newspapers of the time, glimpses of a mythological world, revisited with the languid and romantic taste of a European of the late nineteenth century. Von Gloeden's era coincides with the period defined by many historians, the great fever for Taormina: very high personalities of culture, art and important rulers, who can allow themselves to travel, arrive in this enchanted city in the deep south of Europe. Baron von Gloeden once in Taormina knows an extraordinary man, an artist of photography. This man was Giovanni Crupi, who made photography an art out of his great passion, opening his first studio in Via Teatro Greco and a branch in Piazza Duomo in 1885. Giovanni Crupi, a talented artist, a gentleman with a shy character, is certainly the founder of Sicilian artistic photography. The views of the archaeological sites of Taormina, Syracuse and Agrigento will acquire new aesthetic values, revealing a poetic personality.

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