Loquis: Enrico Lo Turco and his commitment to tourism in Taormina

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Enrico Lo Turco and his commitment to tourism in Taormina


Published on:  2019-07-24 19:41:00


The municipal administration of Taormina, led by the mayor Mauro Passalacqua, has named one of the most coveted awards among those called, City of Taormina. He is the knight Enrico Lo Turco, son of the founders and owners of the Hotel Miramare, Don Antonino Lo Turco and Donna Carmela Cingari, director from a very young age of the historic hotel, city councillor for tourism for several years, president of the association of hoteliers and Cata Hotels in the seventies and especially, for over twenty years, president of the Autonomous Tourist Board. A distinguished man, fast in his movements, with sharp eyes, the knight Lo Turco has been a figure of prominence and high importance for tourism in Taormina. Together with his brother-in-law Finy Fichera, founder and director of one of the most historic travel agencies, and his brother Pancrazio Lo Turco, owner for a period of the Hotel Timeo, Enrico Lo Turco participated actively and was the main architect of the development and the tourism boom of the sixties and seventies, determining for many years the planning and flows, especially those of travel companies, which in winter brought in the Pearl, the Scandinavian tourists.

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