Loquis: Taormina e Francesca Vinciguerra

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Taormina e Francesca Vinciguerra


Published on:  2019-07-24 18:21:00


Born in Taormina in 1900 and emigrated to America with her family when she was only seven years old, Francesca Vinciguerra became a writer, translator and journalist for the "New York Times". Domenico Vinciguerra's daughter, a singer, and Giovanna Sciglio, grew up in New York, where she attended Hunter College and Columbia University. At just eighteen she already knew three languages and published a series of poems in the radical socialist magazine The Masses. A writer, biographer, translator and journalist for the New York Times, Francesca changed her name to Frances Winwar and published literary essays on Giovanni Verga, the Rossetti brothers and the romantic English poets. Her translations make great Italian writers, such as Dante and Boccaccio, known in America. He loves music, and so also translates Simon Boccanegra by Verdi; Il signor Bruschino by Rossini and Don Carlo by Verdi. Frances has a very tumultuous sentimental life, she marries four times. There is also a love story with Giovanni Tusiani, between the two a great understanding and an exciting collaboration. With him he returns to his native land in a journey back for both of them to discover their roots.

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