Loquis: The beauty of Taormina in the art of Otto Geleng

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The beauty of Taormina in the art of Otto Geleng


Published on:  2019-07-24 16:40:00


Glimpses of an intact, uncontaminated Taormina, primitive at times even ancestral, but always of infinite beauty, were immortalized in the eighteenth century and throughout the nineteenth century by great foreign painters, attentive to a heritage of culture, landscapes and traditions that Taormina has received as a legacy from ancient and magnificent civilizations. Among the travelers, artists who have dwelt on many picturesque corners of Taormina, but especially designed the Greek-Roman Theatre with Etna in the background, is Otto Friedrich Von Geleng, who arrived in Taormina at a very young age in the winter of 1863 on a donkey from Giardini, about a year earlier he had left from Berlin his hometown where he had studied art and specialized in rural landscapes. His immense thirst for knowledge of the world led him to travel a lot in Europe, in Italy and to choose Taormina for the rest of his long life. He was a great painter of landscapes that he represented with bright colors and in their full beauty and uniqueness: blue sea, intense sky, snowy volcano Etna and a myriad of flowers and plants typical of the Mediterranean. Geleng adapted perfectly to the life of a place so different from the one where he was born and lived to the point of learning the Sicilian dialect and being accepted by the small community. Otto Geleng died in 1939, at the venerable age of 96 years, was buried in the local Catholic cemetery.

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