Loquis: Taormina, Frances Elliot in a land full of ancient history

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Taormina, Frances Elliot in a land full of ancient history


Published on:  2019-07-25 11:17:00


Frances Elliot, after arriving at the railway station of Giardini in 1880, spoke of Taormina as a fertile land veined with greenery and ancient history, because those who travel to Sicily can not help but visit Taormina that is a few miles up, in the clouds. In his story, Sicily is compared to Ireland, a hard island, poor but where beauty takes your breath away and history enriches you culturally. The train journey from Messina to Taormina is extraordinary. Frances plunges into it looking out the window at those places characterized by long golden beaches that separate a deep blue sea from the hills rich in vegetation where Greeks and Romans settled. But the scenery that appears to Frances is intense, ancestral, of incredible beauty: Roman tombs, ancient convents with gardens full of magnolias in bloom, palaces with architecture reminiscent of past dominations, arches, naumachiae, fragments of ancient walls, temples, and above all a Greek-Roman theater where between the columns appears a glorious sea and she the mountain, the majestic Etna. Frances Elliot was fifty-eight years old when she came to Taormina with an immense cultural background, a painful life story, and continued to travel until her death in Siena at the age of seventy-eight.

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