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Taormina, a favourite destination for British and American write


Published on:  2019-07-24 15:19:00


Taormina was a favourite destination especially at the end of the nineteenth century and in the years between the two wars of some British and American writers: Oscar Wilde, Douglas Scaden, Robert Hichens, David Herbert Lawrence, just to name a few. Robert Hichens, journalist and storyteller, arrives in Taormina in a red cabriolet to welcome a crowd of people and the municipal band. Here the passion between a young Englishman and his Sicilian lover is stained with blood by the father of the young woman who kills the couple with vengeful ferocity. Osbert Sitwell, fifth baronet, writer, poet, one of the main members of the Bloomsboury group, along with his sister Edith, poet and essayist, arrives in Taormina instead in the twenties. His trip to Italy is described in: Discussions about travel, art and life, where he also describes his short stay in the Sicilian town and where the writer praises the spectacle of ripe oranges on trees that he had seen during the train journey. William Somerset Maugham, writer and playwright, was in Taormina at the same time, a destination not only for tourists but also for culture and the European intelligentsia. Maugham spent entire days on the terrace of the Timeo, claiming that it was the most beautiful view in the world.

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