Loquis: Sitwell at San Domenico

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Sitwell at San Domenico


Published on:  2019-07-24 14:43:00


Osbert Sitwell, fifth baronet, writer, poet, among the main members of the Bloomsboury group, together with his sister Edith, poet and essayist, arrives in Taormina in the Twenties. His trip to Italy is told in "Discussions on Travel, Art and Life", where his brief stay in the Sicilian town is also described and where the writer praises the spectacle of ripe oranges on the trees he had seen while traveling by train. We know something more about the Sitwells thanks to the close correspondence of Edith with her friends Kenneth and Jane Clark. From the letters it appears that the two brothers were staying at the San Domenico, called a beautiful but very expensive hotel and that they spent their days meeting other writer friends like David Herbert Lawrence and writing.

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