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Miss Licciardelli


Published on:  2019-07-24 14:47:00


She was a young bourgeois with very avant-garde ideas, free, emancipated, opposed to marriage, gave private language lessons (she knew eight of them) and moved to Taormina to live her own way. "A signurinedda" as he was called when he casually walked all alone around the city, he didn't care about male looks and village rumors. Originally from Catania, she graduated from the Sorbonne and traveled extensively, living for long periods in Paris. Friend of all the foreigners who were staying in Taormina, "she was one of the main entertainers of the first good nights and could meet at the costume parties organized by Robert Percyval Campbell". She talks about it in chapter fifteen of "By-paths in Sicily", a travel diary in Sicily dated 1920, Eliza Putnam Heaton, an American journalist-writer who met her, knew and seems to have learned from her and along with her I walked along the Taormina slope that leads to the little church of the Madonna della Rocca, or S. Maria della Rocca.

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