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Taormina Sporting Club


Published on:  2019-07-24 14:51:00


Taormina Sporting Club is a sports association founded in 1925 that has achieved success especially in swimming and tennis, winning national and regional titles, both individual and corporate. Among the swimmers who have contributed to the team's success, trained by the legendary Aurelio Licari, we recall characters who have contributed to the history of sport in Taormina: Francesco Scimone, known as Ciccino, Sicilian champion in the 100 meters backstroke and great tennis master in the fields of red earth near the Parco Duchi di Cesarò, also home to the Taormina sports association; Chico Scimone, world champion Master of march and founder of "Tuffo a mare e corsa", which takes place every New Year from Villagonia in Taormina, which has a long tradition and an increasing participation; Finy Fichera versatile athlete who gave so much to Sicilian sport, swimming, marathon and above all record crossing of the Strait up to the tender age of eighty years; Cosimo Barca one of the first guides in Taormina, connoisseur of five languages, an expert on local history and traditions, a great sportsman and swimming champion, a sport he loved so much and who practiced every morning both in summer and winter until the last days of his life in the bay of Mazzarò.  The Taormina Sport in Club has forged generations of tennis players, footballers, swimmers, walkers and even water polo players at a time, where the sports facilities in Taormina did not exist or were crumbling and therefore most of the training sessions were performed along the tracks or in the bay of Mazzarò and Villagonia. Challenging every kind of climate, every kind of difficulty, the Taormina Sport in club sportsmen were an example of constancy, commitment, courage and will towards the sport they practiced but also and above all an example of dedication, passion, sacrifice and pure love towards their city.

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