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Hotel Timeo in Taormina


Published on:  2019-07-24 10:57:00


Hotel Timeo, in Taormina, is located in via Teatro Greco and can be defined as the first hotel in Taormina. The residence dates back to the nineteenth century and is in English style, surrounded by a large natural park, and the transformation of the residence into a hotel occurred when the family La Floresta, who lived there, was convinced by the painter Otto Geleng to allocate some rooms of the house to visitors. Its partial transformation into a hotel was sanctioned by the inscription Hotel Timeo, on a wooden board. In this way, in the nineteenth century, many artists and great travelers were able to stay in Taormina, still without hotels. In reality, this first hotel, in Taormina, was nothing more than a manor house, which is still the core of the hotel. Today it is a place of great charm, if you are looking for a special place to sleep in Taormina.

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