Loquis: Bar Turrisi

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Bar Turrisi


Published on:  2019-07-24 10:44:00


The aperitif has always been considered a fun and easy moment. This time I'll take you to a very unusual place that is located in Castelmola, a small village near Taormina. 4 houses and 2 picturesque alleys on a small hill in the true sense of the word, house the Bar Turrisi, a 4-storey building from 1947, in front of the Duomo. It is only when you enter that you can understand what is strange: the environment is full of phallic sculptures of every type, size and material. Don't be shocked: in ancient times it was a representation of man's fertility and virility. Take your aperitif and go for a walk: it's worth it.

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