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Isola Bella


Published on:  2019-07-24 10:19:00


A small rock that does not think about being alone in the middle of the sea and the thin isthmus that binds it to the mainland, almost looks like a hand that stretches out towards a reassuring embrace. Isola Bella is the jewel of Taormina and the whole of Sicily, a local symbol and a tiny wonder to show off in the midst of the natural treasures of which the area is rich. Among prickly pears that frame stretches of sea and corners of Mediterranean flora to give splashes of green on the infinite blue, you are inside an impressionist picture surrounded by bright shades. The site is now a Regional Naturalistic Museum with Villa Caronia, an urban complex located in front of the island on the promontory of Capo Taormina. There are several species of sub-tropical origin also very rare. Isola Bedda, as it is called in Sicilian dialect, can be reached on foot after having previously passed a long stone staircase. On the island there is a species of reptile that can not be found anywhere else on the globe. It is the lizard Podarcis sicula ciclopica that reaches up to 27 centimeters. It has a varied coloring but boasts a green background and orange sides and, of course, is a protected species.

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