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Taormina, the origins


Published on:  2019-07-24 09:27:00


On the origin of Taormina, there are many news, but uncertain for documentation and unreliable. Diodorus Siculus attests that the Sicilians lived in the fortress of Taormina, living from agriculture and livestock, even before the landing of the Greeks of Chalk Euboea in the bay of Taormina in 753 BC, where at the mouth of the river Alcantara, founded Naxos, now Giardini Naxos, the first Greek colony in Sicily. Strabo instead tells that Taormina originated from the Zanclei and Nassi. This would clarify in some way the statement of Pliny who says that Taormina was originally called Naxos. In 36 Before Christ, during the war between Sesto Pompeo and Ottaviano, the latter's troops landed at Naxos to take over the city at Sesto Pompeo, which had previously occupied it. To repopulate Tauromènium, after the damage of the war suffered, but also to garrison it, Octavian, who became Augustus, in 21 Before Christ sent a colony of Romans, faithful to him, and at the same time expelled the inhabitants against him. Strabo speaks of Tauromènion as a small town, inferior to Messina and Catania. Pliny and Ptolemy remember the conditions of the Roman colony.

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