Loquis: Grotta dei Massacci at Osteria Nuova

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Grotta dei Massacci at Osteria Nuova


Published on:  2018-03-14 11:28:00


Dating to the second century AD, Grotta dei Massacci is one of the most important Roman-era monuments in Sabina. The grotto is a grand funerary monument made with enormous blocks of limestone, placed one upon the other without mortar. Lined with slabs of travertine, the funerary chamber is accessed through a long corridor roofed by megaliths forming a vault. The chamber is roughly square, with a groin vault overhead. Three niches are set into the walls, housing sarcophagi. Just past the grotto, along the ancient Via Salaria towards Rieti, three large tower sepulchres, dating to the early imperial age, remain. On the opposite side of the Vicus Novus plateau, the Via Salaria is flanked by two more funerary monuments.

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