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Temple of Jupiter Anxur


Published on:  2018-03-14 11:06:00


it is a massive building of which the longest side is about 60 metres long; it is oriented towards the south-west, and twelve large arch structures, built in the time of Sulla around 80 BC, on an existing religious area of the Fourth Century BC. These form the base of the temple itself, which has been destroyed. Together with the largest temple, there was also a smaller temple dedicated to Venus Obsequens, the "indulgent" Venus who, according to tradition, pardoned women accused of adultery and welcomed their supplications (numerous ex-votos from the Roman period have been discovered), and propitiated victories. In the Middle Ages, this archaeological area was the site of a Benedictine monastery dedicated to St. Michael Archangel, as reflected in the "new" name given to the ancient Mons Neptunius. The area of the ancient sanctuary was abandoned at the end of the sixteenth century until the early excavations of 1894.

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