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via Casilina


Published on:  2018-03-14 10:00:00


Via Casilina, the late-medieval descendant of the ancient Via Labicana from Roman times, begins at the Porta Maggiore, very near Roma Termini, the capital's main railway station. The first significant town the road reaches, some 25 kilometres outside Rome, is Colonna, with Roman origins. A few kilometres after Colonna we come to San Cesareo, in the heart of the Agro Labicano countryside. The town of Labico appears next, perched on its spur of volcanic tufa, to welcome the visitor into its ancient medieval streets. Following the route of the Via Casilina, we come to Valmontone, which was the summer residence for the Pamphilj family from the mid-17th century onwards; from this period is the magnificent Doria Pamphilj Palace, home to a wonderful series of frescoes painted by Mattia Preti, among others. For some years the Comune of Valmontone has been the site of the enormous Outlet fashion district. 44 kilometres from Rome, Artena amazes visitors with its extraordinary historic town centre, with so many stairways that the use of motor vehicles is practically impossible. A stroll and a clamber around the alleys and ramps of Artena, looking down on the valley of the river Sacco below.

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