Loquis: Forte Michelangelo in Civitavecchia

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Forte Michelangelo in Civitavecchia


Published on:  2018-03-12 16:55:00


We finally arrive at Civitavecchia, which has been Rome's port since Medieval times. Its strategic importance – from the commercial, logistical, and military standpoint – made this site the object of attention from the papacies and pontifical families that succeeded one another to the throne of St. Peter. The port was built upon Trajan's, dating back to Roman times. Although often maintained and fortified, it only acquired a real fortress in the sixteenth century, with Pope Julius II. Bramante was commissioned for the first design; after his death, it was completed by Michelangelo, which is why the construction is referred to as Forte Michelangelo. With its size and structure, this Castle could monitor the territory, with the same degree of effectiveness, both for attacks from the sea and, where necessary, by land.

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