Loquis: Saint Severa Castle

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Saint Severa Castle


Published on:  2018-03-12 15:46:00


Saint Severa Castle, and its enclosed village, are built on the remains of the ancient city of Pyrgi, an Etruscan Port of extraordinary importance for the commerical trade of the time. It is a wonderful place, situated before the coastline that divides Santa Severa and Santa Marinella. The castle's opulent and regal beauty is on display for all to enjoy and particularly welcomes those who plan to visit its building and lose themselves in its many streets, alleys and towers. Visitors are encouraged to visit the Civic Archaeological Museum inside Saint Severa Castle, which exhibits a captivating series of plastics and reproductions that young visitors will find particularly interesting. An extraordinary reproduction of a Roman ship, caught in a storm while transporting a load of urns, is also displayed in one of the museum halls. The conversation between the captain and his crew, reconstructed from a series of documents recently discovered, is both fascinating and very moving.

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