Loquis: Minturno Castle

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Minturno Castle


Published on:  2018-03-12 09:53:00


The construction of the castle is attributed to Bishop Leo, whom we find mentioned in the Original Charter of Cassino No. 5 dated 30-10-839, third indiction. In 1105 the Baronial Castle passed to Riccardo I dell'Aquila, and was a residence of the Caetani family in the 13th century. It hosted famous personalities including St. Thomas Aquinas (1272). In 1452, Alfonso of Aragon commissioned extensive restoration work. In the 16th century, the manor belonged to one of the most beautiful women in Italy, Giulia Gonzaga, Countess of Traetto and Fondi, and later to Isabella Colonna. The very simple structure has a square layout with an interior courtyard with Gothic ogival arches. The walls are made of local limestone with brick reinforcement inserted. Along the powerful walls a cylindrical and a square tower can be seen, though both have unfortunately been reduced in height. Along the perimeter we can see interesting but poorly conserved 14th century architectural features such as some machicolations, small arches on protrusions, crenellation, part of the high walkway for guards, a fine Gothic window and ogival doorways. Inside there is the fine Hall of the Barons.

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