Loquis: Maenza Castle

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Maenza Castle


Published on:  2018-03-12 09:48:00


Recently restored, it has an almost perfectly square layout, with four towers, one of which is semicircular and completely inaccessible for defensive purposes, as well as acting as a cistern. The other three towers are square and were partially used for active defence. There is some overlapping of stylistic elements with an apparent lack if chronological order, such as the portal with its pointed arch, suggesting the Gothic style, placed before the clearly Romanesque round arch. When some semi-basement rooms were cleaned and work done on other rooms at various levels, ceramic fragments from the 9th to the 16th centuries were discovered (closed forms: pitchers, jars, mugs; open forms: tiles, plate lids) attributable to the workshops of southern Lazio. The first and second floors of the castle are interesting thanks to some wall paintings, mostly tempera decorations.

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