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Fondi Castle


Published on:  2018-03-12 09:14:00


The Baronial Castle consists of a magnificent round keep or tower, skilfully built with cut stone, and crenellation supported by protruding supports, rising above a square tower with irregular and poor quality walls, with a base formed by large slabs of squared stone. It is separated by an intermediate space and therefore completely isolated. The rest of the fortress is the same age as that tower, with high cylindrical towers with corners, built with irregular stone blocks. We can therefore see three distinct construction periods: the base (perhaps from the early 13th century), the square tower and lateral towers (early 14th century) and the keep (second half of the 15th century). The construction of the castle was started in 1319, together with the refurbishing of the city walls (some parts of which can still be seen), by Roffredo III Caetani to make it the centre of his dominions. At the same time the Palazzo Baronale was built as an elegant residence, connected to the castle by a passageway.

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