Loquis: Shrine of san Giuseppe in Leonessa

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Shrine of san Giuseppe in Leonessa


Published on:  2018-03-10 14:49:00


Born in Leonessa on 8 January 1556 from a family of merchants, Eufranio Desideri embraced the strict discipline of the Capuchin order by going on a mission to Turkey between 1587 and 1589. He was subjected to torture and abuse in Turkey and upon his return to Italy he was committed to preaching and reconciliation throughout numerous cities along the Apennine Mountains. Friar Joseph died in a monastery in Amatrice on 4 February 1612, far from his native Leonessa. The people of Leonessa, eager to preserve the mortal remains of the man considered by all to be a saint, organized the theft of his remains. It is from this episode that the construction of the shrine began. The cornerstone of the oratory was laid in 1629 in the building where the monk was born and the ceremony was officiated by the Confraternity of the Suffrage of Christ. With dome ceilings, an evocative mixtilinear outline of the plan. The Shrine of Saint Joseph has been an industrious work in progress for centuries, the sign of the fervent devotion of the people of Leonessa for their compatriot. The bell tower was built in 1787 and an organ and a precious choir loft in wood were added.

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