Loquis: The Guarcino Sanctuary

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The Guarcino Sanctuary


Published on:  2018-03-10 10:44:00


The Madonna della Neve (Our Lady of the Snow) Sanctuary, part of the San Michele Arcangelo Parish, was completely rebuilt after World War II, when bombs were dropped from the higher Subiaco road which destroyed it. Only the image of Our Lady of the Snow, traditionally attributed to the School of Giotto, miraculously survived. Works to rebuild this sacred building began in 1955, following the explicit request of the Parish Priest, Don Pietro Di Fabio, who died on 30 January 2012, having spent over 50 years of his ministry devoted to the Sanctuary and the San Michele Arcangelo Parish. The apse is decorated with a magnificent mosaic that depicts Christ on the throne, a sky filled with stars, representing the people of Guarcino, and a central window pane showing a moment in the reconstruction of the Sanctuary.

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