Loquis: The Church of Santa Vittoria in Monteleone

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The Church of Santa Vittoria in Monteleone


Published on:  2018-03-10 10:37:00


Near the site of Trebula Mutuesca we can find the church of Santa Vittoria . The remains of the St. Victoria were preserved in the sarcophagus which is still located in the church. The church (virtual tour) is a little jewel of Romanesque art in Central Italy. The asymmetrical layout of the interior reflects the many interventions on the building. The most important one was undertaken by Bishop Dodone of Rieti in the 12th century, recalled by two inscriptions. We should note a 15th century fresco of St. Victoria and a cistern, the miraculous waters of which, according to popular tales, sprung up when the saint suffered martyrdom.

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