Loquis: The Abbey of San Domenico

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The Abbey of San Domenico


Published on:  2018-03-10 10:15:00


is located on the outskirts of Sora, almost on the banks of the Fibreno River, a tributary of the Liri, and was built in 1011 on the remains of the country villa of Cicero's family. The current aspect is the result of restorations work conducted after a violent earthquake destroyed most of the building in 1915. The interior of the church has three naves, with a raised transept, to leave space for the crypt below, which is the most suggestive part of the building. It has an oratory layout with the use of recovered material and with a cross-vault ceiling. The space is divided into three naves with 16 columns, all different and coming from pagan buildings. The main apse has the marble altar containing the remains of St. Domenic of Foligno, who died at an advanced age in 1031 after founding important Benedictine monasteries in the Ciociaria area.

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