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Convent of Santa Filippa Mareri


Published on:  2018-03-11 18:32:00


On the banks of Lake Salto we can see the old Franciscan convent of Santa Filippa Mareri. This convent for nuns of Franciscan origin, first called San Pietro de Molito, and now also called Santa Filippa Mareri, is located in Borgo San Pietro near Petrella Salto. The building was rebuilt on the shores of the Lake Salto Reservoir, because in 1940 the reservoir submerged the original structures. At least in the early stages, the convent is related to the history of the Mareri barons, who dominated the Cicolano area. In 1228 Baroness Filippa Mareri converted the original Benedictine monastery into a Franciscan convent for nuns. Filippa died with a reputation of sanctity in 1236. Devotion to her was recognised in 1248 by Pope Innocent Fourth, and she was the first woman to become a Franciscan saint. The early stages of Filippa's vocation were characterised by a retired life in a grotto located above the existing convent. The grotto can be reached by a path with an especially wonderful view over the reservoir and the Salto Valley. When visiting the building we shouldn't miss the small museum with some items related to the spiritual life of Saint Filippa and the convent, such as religious decorations and objects, pictures of the saint, everyday items, vases, books, pharmacy recipe books and exceptional textiles. All of these items were saved before the old buildings were submerged by the lake waters.

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