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Madonna di Canneto Sanctuary


Published on:  2018-03-09 08:16:00


Visitors can make a religious pilgrimage of special importance to the shrine of Madonna del Canneto (at an altitude of 1,020 metres, in the valley of the same name located in the municipality of Settefrati, in the Province of Frosinone) held every year on 19-22 August. During this event, thousands of faithful arrive from all over Lazio and the nearby regions to show their devotion to the wooden statue of the Black Madonna preserved in the church. This pilgrimage route goes along paths through the woods with streams, small waterfalls and isolated valleys; the participants sing songs and recite prayers, accompanied by traditional bagpipes and accordions, and often wear the typical costumes of their local areas. According to tradition, the sanctuary originated when Our Lady appeared to a shepherd girl called Silvana and asked her to have a church built. The heavenly lady is then said to have left her own statue and make water spring forth, the source of the Melfa River, which contains extremely fine gold dust. After coming here, we should go to the ruins of the Casone Bartolomucci on the other side of the valley, at an altitude of 1,332 metres. In the winter, the mule track, which goes through small meadows and woods, becomes an exclusive route for cross-country skiing.

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