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Monastery of Santa Scolastica


Published on:  2018-03-09 08:09:00


The Monastery of Santa Scolastica, the oldest Benedictine monastery in the world, is located on top of Mount Taleo and is one of the most visited. Within its walls we can find the church dating from the 4th century, the bell tower, three wonderful cloisters – Cosmatesque, Renaissance and Gothic - and the Library. In the medieval period, the monastery long housed German monks who brought their painting techniques with them. In the Subiaco area, around the year 500, St. Benedict founded a community of 12 small monasteries, each with its own abbot and all under his spiritual guidance. This experience represented the start of Benedictine monasticism and lasted for at least 30 years. Today, these sites are still connected by the Via Benedicti which leads to the Sacro Speco where the saintly monk had long lived before dedicating his life to proselytism.

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