Loquis: The Monastery of San Benedetto

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The Monastery of San Benedetto


Published on:  2018-03-09 08:01:00


The Monastery of Sacro Speco is one of the most suggestive and spectacular buildings of the many dedicated to the saint from Norcia. It is built up against the rock on a high curved cliff and supported by nine large arches. The interior consists of a series of chapels, churches and various rooms mainly carved out of the rock. On the walls there are frescoes from various periods; we shouldn't miss the wooden statue of Saint Benedict, carved by Antonio Raggi in the 17th century. When he arrived here, Benedict was 20 years old. Here, right in the middle of a rich natural setting, he lived as a hermit, the grotto where he lived is now inside the monastery, with the small chapel of San Romano, the monk who helped Benedict in the hermitage, bringing him food, which he lowered into the cave from a hole at the top. From here we go down the Holy Stairs, along the path followed by Benedict, and we come to the Chapel of Our Lady and the Shepherd's Grotto. Then there is a small terrace with the site, together with the Monks' Ossuary, of the bramble bushed that St. Benedict transformed into rose bushes. According to tradition, the saint rolled in them to cast aside temptation.

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