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La Foresta Convent


Published on:  2018-03-09 07:03:00


In 1225 St Francis, suffering with bad eyesight, came to Rieti to have his eyes treated by the doctors of Honorius Third, who was resident at that time in the Sabine capital. On that occasion, Francis stayed in the 13th-century building now annexed to the convent. Tradition has it that the saint composed his Canticle of the Sun amid these peaceful hills. A visit to the convent includes the Church of San Fabiano, frescoed during the 15th century and incorporated into the Church of Santa Maria in 1600. While the cloister with octagonal pillars and convent buildings date back to the 1400s. The refectory still houses the basin where the saint is said to have performed the miracle of the grapes, transforming a poor harvest into an abundant one.

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