Loquis: San Giacomo Convent in Poggio Bustone

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San Giacomo Convent in Poggio Bustone


Published on:  2018-03-09 06:58:00


Set alone among green woods, the convent was founded between 1235 and 1237. The mystical church (15th century) and convent can be accessed from the square crossing through the portico. The cloister contains octagonal columns and pillars from the 13th-century convent. You can also visit the refectory with its frescoed walls and the cave inhabited by St. Francis. A climb up Mount Rosato, at an altitude of 1075 metres, you can stop off at the hermitage, one of the saint's favourite dwellings, where you can find a 13th-century church and 17th-century chapel with frescoes from the same period.

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