Loquis: A visit to the Sanctuaries of Valle Santa

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A visit to the Sanctuaries of Valle Santa


Published on:  2018-03-09 06:32:00


It all took place over the space of forty-four years (1182-1226); the life story of the saint who changed the history of the Church: St. Francis of Assisi. Poggio Bustone is one of the towns where he started his preaching in the Rieti valley, interrupted only by mystical retreats amid the area's wild woodlands. He wrote the Rule of the Order – which his fellow brothers were to follow during the centuries to come - in 1223 in Fonte Colombo. It is said that the convent was given its name by Saint Francis himself who discovered a clear spring set in a holm-oak wood. It was here in 1223, after a forty-day fast, that the saint set down his strict Rule of the Order. In 1225 he stayed once again among the woodlands of Fonte Colombo to undergo a tricky operation on his eyes. The convent comprises a small square which the church, consecrated in 1450, and the convent, that dates back to the 1400s in part, look out onto. Further down along a ramp to the left of the church, you can find the Hermitage of Saint Francis, The Chapel of Mary Magdalene and the Stations of the Cross made of Capodimonte porcelain. The visit ends with the Holy Cave where Francis had a vision of Christ which confirmed the Rule.

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