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Baths of Stigliano


Published on:  2018-03-08 16:34:00


The waters of the Terme di Stigliano (Baths of Stigliano), located in Canale Monterano, 50 km from Rome, are among the most iodized in Europe, and emerge from various thermal springs at a temperature of between 36 °C and 58 °C; the main springs are Bagno Grande (39 °C), Bagnarello or Grotta (53 °C) and Fangaia (55 °C). The thermal treatments consist above all in baths, mud packs, showers, inhalation, steam, aerosol and massage. The facilities also have a sweating grotto where the steam emerges from hot springs at a natural temperature of 51 °C. The thermal mud used in the spa is obtained from the mud excavated from silica and clay formations found there, and then left to ripen with the hot spring water. The Stigliano water, due to its physical and chemical characteristics, is especially suited to the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases. Treatment at the Baths of Stigliano, undertaken during the week for the entire opening period, is available under conventions with the National Health Service.

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