Loquis: Thermal Boths of Fiuggi

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Thermal Boths of Fiuggi


Published on:  2018-03-08 15:17:00


The province of Frosinone is able to boast three leading thermal centres as regards health and wellness. The Fiuggi spa complex clearly enjoys international renown and includes the Fonte di Bonifacio Eighth and the Fonte Anticolana. The Terme Pompeo (Baths of Pompey) in Ferentino and the Terme Varroniane in Cassino are also of great importance. The Fiuggi spa complex is well-known for its "water which breaks stones" thus defined because it boasts diuretic properties combined with the ability to dissolve kidney stones, and is highly effective in treating various urinary and metabolic disorders. The complex comprises two hydrothermal centres: the Fonte di Bonifacio Eighth and the Fonte Anticolana featuring medical equipment and recreational facilities. Thanks to their sulphuric bicarbonate-calcic composition, the waters of the Baths of Pompey in the Ferentino area can be widely used in treating a large number of chronic diseases. The Terme Varroniane spa complex comprises numerous medium-mineral freely-flowing springs.

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