Loquis: Thermal Baths in Viterbo

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Thermal Baths in Viterbo


Published on:  2018-03-08 15:07:00


The province of Viterbo is characterised by the presence of various thermal springs. The most famous of these for its mythological and literary characteristics as well as its therapeutic properties is Bullicame which provides water to the Terme dei Papi and Terme Salus-Pianeta Benessere, and then there is the free springs of the Pozze di SanSisto and the historical spring of the Terme di Orte. The hyperthermal waters flow from the Bullicame spring in a large quantity and at a temperature of 58 °C and this spring also provides the water for a huge pool measuring over 2,000m2 found at the famous Terme dei Papi. These waters which differ in composition and application allow for a large number and variety of therapeutic uses. The Pozze di San Sisto are found on the slopes of the Cimini mountains and are extremely popular with lovers of free thermal springs. The waters in question are sulphate-carbonic and flow at high temperatures, making them ideal for dermatologic, respiratory and locomotor disorders. The thermo-mineral waters of the Terme di Orte have been known since ancient times for their therapeutic properties, so much so that they were used as much for water cures as for baths. Nowadays, the Terme di Orte have become a highly popular thermal centre with two large pools of sulphuric water boasting a temperature of 30 °C.

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