Loquis: Terracina. A Corner of Sicily in the Lazio Region

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Terracina. A Corner of Sicily in the Lazio Region


Published on:  2018-03-08 09:30:00


Giovanni of the comedy trio Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo when talking about Terracina in 2000 put it this way: "You have a corner of Sicily here in the Lazio region and you don't even realize it". In fact, the scenes set in Aldo's home region of Sicily for their comedy "Chiedimi se sono felice" were actually filmed in Terracina. The Municipal Square in Terracina is the square where three of the film's stars, Giacomo, Giovanni and Marina Massironi, arrive with disoriented expressions looks on their faces. The town is an outdoor museum filled with artistic, architectural and archaeological wonders The boardwalk in Terracina was chosen as the location for the scene in Carlo Verdone's 1998 comedy "Gallo Cedrone" in which his red convertible floods after a sudden downpour while he's making a run for it with his very young sister-in-law (interpreted by Regina Orioli). The Temple of Jupiter Anxur was the location for singer-songwriter Ligabue's video hit "Happy Hour". Declared a natural monument in 2000, it overlooks Terracina from Monte S. Angelo (227 metres above sea level).

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