Loquis: Itri, a small-scale Cinecittà

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Itri, a small-scale Cinecittà


Published on:  2018-03-08 09:00:00


It has been the ideal setting for film productions of a variety of genres over the years. From religious epics such as American director John Huston's "The Bible" with the sequence of Cain and Abel filmed in the wheat fields of this Pontine village to Luigi Magni's "Scipio, the African" starring Vittorio Gassman as Cato the Elder. Itri, however, will always be remembered as the setting for the neorealist scenes filmed by Vittorio de Sica for his "Two Women" in the old town centre of Gennaro as well as in the mountains nearby. The arrival of the film crew was like a peaceful "invasion" and received a very warm welcome from the local residents. These people were part of the film and the younger men played the roles of the occupying German soldiers. In 1989, the legendary couple Alberto Sordi-David Niven. The road leading from Itri to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Civita (The Blessed Virgin of Civita) became the road to "Addis Abeba". The estate of Countess Iaccarini (now property of the State Forestry Corps) located near San Nicola was the setting chosen by the "father" of Neorealist filmmakers Giuseppe De Santis for scenes from his "No Peace Under the Olive Tree" starring Raf Vallone and Lucia Bosè. He also directed "Days of Love" in nearby Fondi (his hometown) starring Marcello Mastroianni in the role of a young, lovesick man from the local Ciociaro region.

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