Loquis: Rossellini, a commuter from Auntie Fortù's house

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Rossellini, a commuter from Auntie Fortù's house


Published on:  2018-03-09 10:27:00


Ladispoli was, in fact, loved by the cinema industry well before the Fifties. In the 1930s Roberto Rossellini, who spent his childhood summers in this small town for several years, directed a few short feature films in Ladispoli. At the time he used to commute from Rome, where he was busy as a film-maker, and return every evening to his Aunt Fortù's house. In 1936 Rossellini moved to the small family villa (in Via Duca degli Abruzzi) in Ladispoli, which his grandfather Zaffiro Rossellini restored after buying the first allotments sold by Prince Odescalchi. That same year he married Marcellina De Marchis in the small church of Palo Laziale. There is also another interesting fact that will excite all film lovers - especially fans of Rossellini - about the movie "Rome, Open City". This masterpiece, the manifesto of neorealist cinema, that placed Rossellini in the Olympus of the greatest and most loved film-directors, also won him a Palm d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1946. It appears that the first showing of this film took place in Ladispoli, in the town's only cinema. At the time Rossellini was still not entirely convinced the film was ready for general release, so he called his friend Moretti, owner of the cinema hall in Ladispoli, and showed the film to a small group of friends: Magnani, Amidei and Aldo Fabrizi. The film was a success and its reputation grew becoming a sensation when it reached New York in 1946.

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