Loquis: When The Antilles Were In Ladispoli

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When The Antilles Were In Ladispoli


Published on:  2018-03-09 10:27:00


In the Fifties, when the production of Italian cinema was already well-established, Cinecittà transformed the beach of San Nicola, in the district of Ladispoli, into the sea of the Antilles. Among the chosen locations, Ladispoli was the ideal place to bring the Salgari series onto the big screen. So the legendary Maracaibo in the film "I tre corsari" (The Three Corsairs) by Mario Soldati (1952) was constructed in the village of Palo Laziale, near the Odescalchi Castle. For three years the residents' quiet life was overturned by this huge film set, where they would watch pirates run around, the assault of corsairs, sword fights and masquerade balls as torches lit up the castle on the sea of Palo. An endless film set that left many residents speechless considering the fact that Italy had yet to discover television and people did not often go to the cinema. Here they were able to enjoy the entertainment sitting in the front row. The older generation still remembers the ‘Corsair Ladispoli', as it was known in the cinema industry, which brought fame and wealth to this stretch of coast.

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