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Published on:  2018-03-07 14:27:00


The epithets "Extremely ancient" and "Claustra Etruriae" – the Gate of Etruria – clearly identify the remote origins of Sutri, emblematically depicted in the city coat of arms with the founder Saturn shown on horseback. This suggestive town in Tuscia is located on an impregnable hill of tufa rock between the volcanic Sabatini and Cimini mountains. As the Gate of Etruria, the most splendid period of Sutri was in Etruscan times, when due to its strategic position, it controlled trade in the internal part of Etruria to the border of the territory ruled by Tarquinia and the Faliscan area. After the fall of Veii, Sutri was in the front line of Etruscan territory and Rome had to take it in order to continue her advance into Etruria. Conquered by Rome in 394 BC, it was also the site of severe struggles between the Etruscans and the Romans in 311 and 310 BC, when the city was definitively subjected to Rome. Sutri's prosperity grew with the construction of the Via Cassia, the consular road linking Rome with the central and northern regions. Later, it became a Roman municipium, and under Augustus, the imperial colony of Iulia Sutrina. The wealth of the archaeological, landscape and natural resources has led to the creation of the Park of the Ancient City of Sutri. Extending over just 7 hectares, it occupies a truly unique position among the nature reserves of Lazio.

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